We produce about 50 reports a year. All of our public work is listed below. If there's any topic or country you're particularly interested in, please email us. 


The Future of Aid

ingos in 2030 

This report is our biggest one yet -- it was a year in the making, involved partners and organisations from all sectors, and has been used since publication in various strategic planning processes in the aid sector. It has also garnered much attention from the media and various international NGOs. Please visit our press page for more. 

An Outlook on Hunger

to 2030

This report is our newest one yet -- The objective of the report is to provide foresight into the factors that drive hunger and their trajectories through 2030, using structured analysis techniques that help to unravel their complex web of interactions.

Refugees in Uganda

Long-Term Implications or South Sudanese Refugees in West Nile  

Future Livelihoods in Karamoja


East Africa & the Horn to 2022

Scenarios for the Future  

Malnutrition in Tanzania

trends, challenges and scenarios to 2021 for urgent nutrition action

Stunting in Pakistan

A Trend Analysis Through to 2030

The Ferghana Valley


Tribal Migration in India

Foresight Analysis of Madhya Pradesh & Rajasthan by 2020

Nigeria's Demographic Shift

a 2030 trend analysis

Malnutrition in the Philippines

a socio-ECONOMIC trends analysis to 2030

Food Security Impact of 2014 Ebola Virus Epidemic

Forecasts in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone

Two photos above (Philippines and Europe) by D. Burgui.